Social Media & Potential Employees

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We live in a world of social media. Consequently employers often think that when they are looking to hire someone they should check them out on the.  Look at their Facebook page, their Twitter posts; look at their Google Plus accounts.

The result of that is that the employer opens themselves up for potential discrimination claims, because on those social media accounts employees often reveal things about themselves that an employer typically would not be entitled to know.

For example, do they have an alternative lifestyle?  Are they a minority candidate?  Are there pictures of them?  Are they related to people with disabilities or from immigrants from other countries?

All of these represent protected class status for employees.  If you as an employer have discovered that information prior to hiring them, you open yourself up to claims of discrimination when you make the decision not to hire them.

My advice?

Stay away from social media when checking out potential employees.  In the long run you’ll be a lot happier and keep more money in your pocket.


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