Sherwood Area Professional License Defense

Are you being steam rolled by a government agency? Do you feel a total lack of fairness in dealing with the government?

The most valuable asset for any professional is your license to practice. Threats to a professional license are threats to your livelihood and future. We aggressively defend professionals when faced with revocation or discipline of their professional license by boards, commissions and state or federal agencies.

We understand a threat to your professional or business license is a threat to your livelihood and future income. Accusations against your professional license are handled under administrative law and follow a lower standard than for criminal law. The standard for taking disciplinary action is a lower standard than for criminal court. For that reason many times professionals who have DUI’s or other criminal offenses plea bargain those charges without understanding the interplay with their professional license. Having criminal convictions expunged, or pleading to lesser charges may still result in revocation or discipline of a professional license.

We defend anyone who holds a professional license, including educators, realtors, contractors, doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists as well as many others.

  • License accusations
  • License discipline, suspension, revocation
  • Counseling for license application and appeals
  • Business licensing

We aggressively and assertively advocate for your professional license rights!