What Do You Need In A Business Attorney?

[youtube id=”rZmIwZTJSv0″]   What are you looking for in a business or employment attorney? Well I believe that the most important thing is an attorney who will give you the straight unvarnished truth about your legal predicament. Someone who will counsel you and advise you on how to proceed in a way that will maintain […]

Written Policies for Your Small Business

[youtube id=”uAV9RsLuELM”]   Many small business clients think they are too small to have written policies. They believe that’s for the big boys; the big companies. Companies that have their own human resources department. In reality nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact when you are first starting out, policies are critically important […]

Social Media & Potential Employees

[youtube id=”WOrqEiDu-8c”]   We live in a world of social media. Consequently employers often think that when they are looking to hire someone they should check them out on the.  Look at their Facebook page, their Twitter posts; look at their Google Plus accounts. The result of that is that the employer opens themselves up […]