Making Lemonade: Just Cuz Or Just Cause Discipline?

  Just Cuz Or Just Cause Discipline?   Just Cuz’ I want to is a sufficient reason for discharge in an at-will employment situation. In the public sector, “Just Cause” is a very common element of employment and is becoming more prominent in private sector employment. Some states integrate just cause into the fabric of […]

Making Lemonade: Dealing with Tardy Workers

What do I do with an otherwise good employee who just doesn’t get to work on time? There are occasions when there is a traffic accident, tree across the road, a sick child, family emergency, etc., which are those uncontrollable reasons that make a person late for work.  It happens. Just not three times a week or […]

Making Lemonade: Problem Employee Solutions

Ever hire  a Lemon to work for you? Has it resulted in increased blood pressure, tension headaches, migraines, complaints or lost revenue? Do I need to say more.  Probably not.  This blog is dedicated to helping managers deal with employee problems.  All kinds of problems: big and little. Problems that require counseling employees to improve […]